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HAPPYMODEL Mobula7 75mm 2S Borstelloze Whoop RC Drone voor binnenshuis
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HAPPYMODEL Mobula7 75mm 2S Borstelloze Whoop RC Drone voor binnenshuis

- Zwart Basis BNF FLYSKY

4.68 31 klanten-reviews | Raadpleeg de Engelse beschrijving
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Aangezien het vliegtuig wordt gevoed door twee 1S-batterijen in serie, en het vliegtuig 1-2S voeding ondersteunt, moet u ervoor zorgen dat het valt als de spanning van een enkele cel lager is dan 2,9V of als de zoemer begint te alarmeren, om overbelasting te voorkomen ontladen.

Algemene kenmerken:
- Crazybee F3 PRO-versie van de 1-2S lithiumbatterij van de flight controller
- 2S indoor Whoop RC-drone met sterker vermogen en langere vliegtijd
- Ondersteuning BetaFlight tuning, meerdere vliegmodi
- Geïntegreerde spuitgieten Tiny Whoop-structuur
- Frsky en Flysky-versies van geïntegreerde moederbord geïntegreerde OSD, Dshot ESC, 2.4G SPI-ontvanger, galvanometer
- DSM2 / DSMX versie flight control geïntegreerde OSD, Dshot vier-in-één ESC, 2.4G seriële ontvanger, galvanometer
- Frsky EU-LBT-versie externe Frsky XM + -ontvanger Ondersteunt EU-LBT-versie afstandsbediening
- Integreer de Betaflight OSD-functie, blijf op de hoogte van de vliegspanning, ontvangersignaal, vlieg rustiger
- VTX wordt geleverd met SmartAudio-functie, die de besturingsparameters van de vlucht via de OSD kan aanpassen om de PID voor de vluchtregeling aan te passen en de frequentieparameters van de VTX aan te passen.
- Volledig gemonteerd en in gebruik, vliegen de handen en de afstandsbediening
- Ontvanger optionele Frsky NON-EU-versie (D8 / D16 omschakelbare SPI-ontvanger), Flysky-versie (AFHDS / AFHDS-2A omschakelbaar), DSM2 / DSMX-versie, Frsky EU-LBT-versie (externe XM + ontvanger)
- De kantelhoek van de camera is instelbaar
- Geïntegreerde zoemer

Opmerking: de batterijen en de batterijhouder worden willekeurig verzonden.



Type: Framekit

Dimensies en gewicht

Productgewicht: 0,0258 kg
Pakket gewicht: 0,1100 kg
Productgrootte (L x B x H): 9,80 x 9,80 x 3,60 cm / 3,86 x 3,86 x 1,42 inch
Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 18,00 x 12,50 x 5,50 cm / 7,09 x 4,92 x 2,17 inch


Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x framekit, 1 x Crazybee F3 PRO vluchtbesturing geïntegreerde ESC OSD-ontvanger, 1 x Galvanometer, 4 x SE0802 KV16000 borstelloze motor, 8 x 40 mm CW / CC Paddle, 1 x 5.8G 40CH 25MW VTX + 700TVL 1/4 CMOS-camera , 4 x 3,8 V 250 mAh (PH2.0) 30 / 60C Li-ionbatterij, 1 x batterijhouder, 1 x oplader, 1 x stripper, 1 x schroevendraaier

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4.68 uit 5
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  • David Rogers
    Fun Factor 10
    Okay the Mobula7 rocks on 2s. It’s going to have some competition here really soon but at the time of this writing it’s still the one to beat. On 2s it can be too much for indoor flight unless you adjust the rates and or do a throttle curve like some other pilots. On 1s it flies ok and it’s more tame but the Tinyhawk is better on 1s and will outrun the Mobula. I prefer flying the Mobula7 on 2s only, it’s a blast to fly outdoors where you have more room to fly around and can open it up and let it rip. My one gripe with it is the frame. I got the one with the v2 frame and I also ordered 2 spares v2 frames as well and they are easy to break. I just had a small light crash and it took a chunk out of one of the ducts. I was flying at a slow pace inside my house so I’m not too stoked this just happened. So if you’re purchasing a Mobula7 buy some spare frames, I have seen videos and post where people are using the Beta75 frame and having better luck. Anyways that’s it! It’s a blast!

    Dec 29,2018

  • Radu
    Great brushless tiny whoop
    No major issues binding it. OSD works well right off the bat, telemetry towards receiver also works (voltage). OSD has RSSI already set up. Decent parameters already in betaflight, flies well out of the box. Camera angle adjustable, although it tends to change easily by itself especially when you bump or crash it. Flies very nice, I've been flying it on 1s and it has enough power to fly smooth but not enough to fly acro or freestyle. Original batteries will give you 2.5 to 3 minutes. It also flies well with batteries from Eachine M80 (500mAh) and it flies for 3.5 to 4 min. Camera quality is good even in low light, although I had some issues with the fact that it did not remember the channel it was set on after powering down - has to set the channel every time. Transmission quality is also decent.
    Overall a great little quad, after about 30 or 40 flights still runs well, didn't break anything yet. It comes with spare props, but so far I didn't need them.

    May 15,2019

  • r2go
    awesome little beast
    This is a awesome little beast. Flies amazing fast.
    I crashed a few times indoors but no cracks in the frame it self but the canopy got fractured.
    I just say that is was a very hard crash. I thought i may have killed it. So maybe this one is shipped with the V2 frame.

    the camera is bad indoors because of the exposure. that could be improved. flying from one room to another going into the light is challenging because of the backlight. I will have to look for a better camera that fits. outdoors it is ok.
    vtx on the camera performs really good indoors and out.
    indoor stood in the gym with all metal. flew around the gym with a few walls in between and back in the gym from behind. I was amazed because there was almost no breakup.

    just buy it and enjoy

    Jan 09,2019

  • Love it !!
    Speedy delivery !
    Delighted to have received this only 3 weeks after ordering - especially considering the Christmas period and that it had to come to Dubai. Product exactly as described and in perfect condition. Found some useful videos on Youtube to walk me through the binding, Betaflight set-up and assigning switches etc.... really easy to do with everything once it is explained clearly. Love the 'smart audio' feature and the customizable OSD. Clever little loop-plug included in the pack that allows you to fly 1S instead of 2S if you are a beginner like me :)

    Jan 06,2019

  • Lrac
    Best of the 75mm whoops
    Of all the whoops I own I like this one the best. Good canopy to adjust the camera for out door and indoor flying. Good camera in low light, long run times and still lots of power. This quad hits the sweet spot for all around use. I am surprised to say I like the ph connection over the xt30. The price is great and you dont have to replace and upgrade stuff like other quads, this one got everything right.

    Feb 25,2019

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