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    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    I've used a couple of times and it is quite difficult to use if your a novice.I think the zoom stated is quite far off from what is the actual zoom. Despite that being said the zoom is still good and very clear.impossible to hold steady but it does come with a tiny tripod which is nice but would recommend a taller one.Finally the instructions are in Chinese this is definately not helpful especially to a novice.Sounds like a negative but I think it's worth the price and appears to be well constructed.overall I like it but definately recommend purchasing a larger tripod.

    Oct 21,2018

  • Stathis
    Ja (1) Kleur: Black
    Good product. Arrived fast (2 weeks) to Greece. The product had many extras : mini tripod and Mobile phone clip. The Amplification Factor is about 10X - 70x . From 10x-25x is easy to focus. From 25x-50x is a bit difficult and beyond that (as expected) is very hard without a tripod. I used an astronomical tripod and i got around 70x amplification. The prism is BAK-4 so image is clear and not dark. Overall is a very good product.
    Manual in Chinese. Lens not wide angle.

    Mar 21,2018

  • di_ba
    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    Works well for it's price
    it probably doesn't have 100x zoom, nor is the objective lens 32mm (more like 25), but honestly, it's still great.For the attached photos, maximum magnification is set on the monocular, and Google maps says the distance is around 14km. It does take some time to get used to the "controls," but it's worth it.I didn't have any clip or anything to fasten the monocular to the phone, so I had to hold it rather awkwardly to try and take the pic.

    Sep 20,2018

  • Alex
    Ja (2) Kleur: Black
    Сразу дам совет - Не вытягивайте его как подзорную трубу или перископ ! Оно так не работает и не должно, свободный ход сделан для плавной регулировки фокуса. Не надо его пробовать вытащить ... Все спецификации совпадают на 100% с описанием, кроме зума - зум относительный и имеет увеличение примерно от 10X до 30X. Монокуляр ШИКАРЕН при среднем увеличении в ~20X и удержать картинку легко, и угол обзора приемлемый. Регулировка ближе к глазу - Увеличение 10X-30X Следующая регулировка - Фокусировка по расстоянию. Материалы и сборка супер !
    Нет инструкции - сложен в усвоении. В придачу прислали держалку для телефона, это скорее плюс , но записал в минусы т.к. она не подходят для этого монокуляра.

    Jan 19,2018

  • Denis Terebiy
    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    Very flexible and compact
    Unbelievable zoom level and light for such compact size. Very interesting feature - zooming close object. I.e. you can get 100X zoom to an object in few meters to you. For example - it's possible to look on insects in wild with great zoom without disturbing. Nice and stable enough tripod.
    Instruction in Chinese only - it took some time to understand how to use it.

    Oct 28,2015

  • Olga
    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    Monocular with 100x zoom
    Very compact, metall body, good magnification. I think real magnification is about 70x, not more. But is normal for it is low price. Good accesories included (see pics).
    only chinese user manual

    Jun 26,2016

  • Pit
    Ja (2) Kleur: Black
    the best monocular
    small, easy to use, really huge zoom, the tripod was included (although it says that it doesn't). It is probably the best monocular for this price
    no caps.

    Feb 20,2016

  • Alister
    Ja (3) Kleur: Black
    Boshile Roof BAK - 4 Prism 10-100x32 Monocular
    Excellent monocular, big zoom, metall body, good sharpness, very compact.

    Mar 17,2017

  • Moses
    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    Great item for a great price. I immediately tested it, amazing how far and how clear. Highly recommend this item

    Jun 20,2017

  • Heckler´s Kochstudio
    Ja (0) Kleur: Black
    Bin bisher sehr zufrieden
    Für das, was es soll, ist das Monokular völlig ausreichend. Mal eben kurz in die Ferne spähen braucht aber etwas Übung. Man muss es sehr ruhig halten und Vergrößerung und Scharfstellung sehr sensibel handhaben. Es ist klein und kompakt und für mein EDC optimal.

    Jan 04,2019