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  • Robin Middlecoat
    BAUSCH LOMB Lens Cleaning Cloth
    Top quality item. Very well made.
    Very good packing.
    Item works well as long as you keep using this cloth only to clean your spectacles lenses.
    Small plastic bag included for a good reason - always return the cloth back to this bag after use. Keeps it moist.

    Jun 23,2017

  • Thanasis
    cleaning cloth
    The product is exactly as it was described. Also the package of this cleaning cloth was pretty nice. I am not very satisfied by my choice though because it is too simple to be so expensive.
    This cleaning cloth is not usefull when the glasses are wet. You can only use it with dry glasses and the result is not the best.

    Mar 26,2018

  • EG
    Lens Cleaning Cloth
    Looks like a good material
    Perfect size (much bigger than the "regular" small size cleaning cloths).

    Good value for the money I paid for it (had a good coupon)
    Will be used for glasses and camera lens cleaning

    Apr 01,2018

  • D Nikolov
    BAUSCH LOMB Lens Cleaning Cloth.
    BAUSCH LOMB Lens Cleaning Cloth. Good Item. Perfect clean my glasses. I recomended this product.
    no cons

    May 15,2017

  • Alter Ego
    Nice cloth
    Soft, removes all the dust from your glasses, phone screen etc. Cheap price, perfect quality.
    The colur of the cloth is little bit light, it my get dirty easly.

    Jun 08,2017

  • pa4onka
    cleaning cloth
    the cloth is really soft and it has great antifoging ability. used on glass and exposed to steam no fog.

    Dec 14,2017

  • Arthur
    Cleaning Cloth
    Easy to use ____________________________________________

    Mar 02,2017

  • Nio
    Best quallity cloth I ever laid my hands on.
    Best quallity cloth I ever laid my hands on. Its literally the best type of cloth to make your glasses shiny in a moment.

    It's like powdered, it's very very satisfying.
    No cons.. no cons.

    Jun 26,2018

  • Lili
    BAUSCH LOMB Lens Cleaning Cloth
    * a very useful cloth for cleaning glasses and smartphones
    * great quality
    * nice to touch

    Nov 26,2017

  • PB
    Quality product
    Quality product
    Really Inexpensive (I got it on promotion)
    None until now
    It took some time because of the time of the year

    Feb 07,2017