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  • heavenlymedia
    The Meter Is Running
    It most certainly is with this very nifty piece of gear. The APEXEL takes the guesswork out of what should be the best settings for the measurements you wanna make. It does voltage, amperage, resistance and even micro-farads for capacitance values AND con-tactless voltage potential detection ... it's all there! Presented in a handy package containing the backlight-able multi-meter, cabled probes and manual, I would say that this is a must-have for anyone's toolkit particularly if one is just starting out in electronics or electrics.

    I found uses for it just minutes after taking delivery and would recommend this item to anyone from novice to experienced user. At the price offered - it was a no-brainer! Get one!

    Mar 21,2019

  • Patrick
    Amazing quality for the price
    I’ve always only bought cheap multimeters over the years as an electrical engineering student. I accidentally fried my old $25 one by short circuiting it when I meant to check for power current. I needed a new cheap one and found this. Even though I paid less but the quality of this one makes my old one was found in the dumpster. Plus this one is auto-ranging which is super convenient. If you showed me this thing 3 years ago I would have guessed it cost $150.

    Feb 10,2019

  • BRYAN W.
    Fabulous meter for the price.
    This is one of the handiest meters I have ever used. You only select the function you want and the meter figures out what range values to use. It is so fast. The only quibble I have (and the reason for 4 stars not 5) is that the DC volt reading keeps displaying random numbers when there is no voltage. But, when you do connect the probes to what you want to measure, it seems spot on. Again, the best feature of this meter is ease of use.

    Jan 06,2019

  • Lukas
    APEXEL ET8103 Full Intelligent
    Na duży plus jakość wykonania. Trochę trzeba czekać aż nastawi odpowiedni zakres. Przewody 2x3,5mm2 więc jest całkiem ok. Podświetlenie tez spoko, Jedynie czujnik prądu działa jedynie przy małych odległościach. Niestety w ścianie już nie wykryje napięcia. Brak odczytu temperatury.

    Apr 14,2019

  • Fabrizio Crepaldi
    Ottimo prodotto funziona benissimo non ho avuto nessun problema, molto bello anche esteticamente, e ben fatto, un unico piccolo difetto il vetro molto delicato, si può rigare facilmente, io ho messo una pellicola protettiva per renderlo più sicuro e lei ottimo è preciso

    Apr 25,2019

  • Gastón T.
    It’s working great.
    I’ve had it a few days now and am using it for my Raspberry Pi build projects. It’s working great. The last time I bought a multimeter was over thirty-five years ago and I’d hate to think what I’d have to pay for one, back then, with this functionality and ease of use.

    Nov 15,2018

  • Preklo
    7754 Bóly
    Az általam használt multiméterek közül a leg praktikusabb. Kényelmes és praktikus a használata.
    A visszajelzőhangot azonban gyengének találom.
    Az automatikus kikapcsolási idő nagyon rövid!!!! Kényelmetlen az állandó újra bekapcsolgatás.

    Apr 05,2019

  • Petró Gábor
    very good for the price
    I have a twenty year old Fluke 7-60 tester. It is automatic too, but only measures resistance up to 400 ohm and voltages up to 600V. And it costs five times much as this multimeter.
    pro: good quality, low cost
    contra: none

    Jun 07,2019

  • Roland
    Messgerät vollautomatisch
    Das Multimeter ist sehr praktisch und gut. Es übertrifft meine Erwartung.
    Das Multimeter misst genau und ist sehr gut brauchbar.
    Klein und Handlich zum sorglos und schnell messen.
    Das Gerät ist bei mir täglich im Einsatz und hat einen festen Platz für Kontrollmessungen aller Art.
    Eine sehr gute und preiswerte Anschaffung.

    May 16,2019

  • Rich
    Sophistication Tool at Reasonable Price
    Never used a multimeter before, but wanted to tackle an espresso machine that was giving me trouble. It seemed to have everything I was looking for. Now, I’m almost looking forward to the next project!

    Dec 16,2018