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  • Alex Q
    Shielding better than expected ; actually everything about this wire is better than expected, the coating on each wire is nice and thick unlike other wire i have used, Quality product from a company ive been quite pleased with all my recent wire upgrades from mediabridge having just upgraded speakers tv and a/v reciever

    Sep 18,2018

  • Andrea
    Cavo USB A-to-C
    Ottimo cavo, veramente di notevole spessore e di ottima costruzione.
    Connettori in alluminio anodizzato.
    Nonostante il colore giallo, è poco probabile che i contatti siano in oro, ma in ogni caso fino ad oggi non c'è la minima ossidazione.
    Funziona perfettamente con il mio smartphone.

    Nov 21,2018

  • Honest-Jane
    This wire is thick and seems to be high quality and I like that it's sheathed because it made it easier to pull and will hopefully hold up better in the attic, The wire is stranded which I like because it's easier to work with just your fingers than solid wire at thicker gauges

    Sep 25,2018

  • Tantalio
    Cavo USB 2.0 tipo C
    Bellissimo cavo USB 2.0 di tipo C.
    Il rivestimento del cavo è telato, i contatti dorati.
    Per ora, sembra di ottima qualità; vedremo con il tempo, ma è indubbio che per un paio di Euro difficilmente si può trovare in giro di meglio.
    Spedizione, come da standard Gearbest, ultracelere.

    Feb 18,2019

  • Александр
    Супер проводок
    Очень качественно сделан. Красивый, стильный, на вид очень надёжный. Хорошее сечение самого провода. Мне нравится, однозначно стоит своих денег. Могу рекомендовать.
    Пока не обнаружил.

    Feb 13,2018

  • Jonathan J Heiland
    This is great quality speaker wire, Don't be fooled by the cheaper aluminum clad wire, Spend a little extra and get solid copper wire with superior conductivity, I've purchased several `` Mediabridge'' wires/cables before and they are all great quality

    Oct 06,2018

  • SKG
    Definitely a very good product especially for the price ... Casing is made very well and the outer sheathing is pre-marked with increments `` by the foot, '' I would recommend this product and will purchasing it again ... great price and quick delivery too

    Mar 21,2018

  • cimpleman
    This item is very nice for travel is it will work with any outlet, It's a great product that is very convenient for anyone who may want to travel somewhere else in the world and still be able to charge their devices

    Jul 31,2018

  • Sergio Molina Trejo
    I disagree - the white color looks fine as far as I am concerned, I could find nothing else on the internet that was competitive in price, and it is a very small price to pay for the big improvement in sound clarity

    Jul 10,2018

  • Osgadi
    Buena calidad
    Los materiales parecen bastante buenos. Tiene muy buena pinta y los conectores son dorados y encajan muy bien. A ver cómo se comporta con el paso del tiempo, pero de monemento, muy bien.

    Jan 20,2019