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  • Diego Galvão
    Muito bom e funcional
    Microfone muito bom para uso em placa mãe que não possui o mesmo para dar bips ao iniciar ou quando tiver algum problema no computador, ficando assim, mais fácil ter um diagnostico preciso de acordos com os bips emitidos pela placa mãe. Muito fácil de instalar e usar. Recomendo. xD

    Oct 25,2018

  • Bala
    well packed. received with short time period. If the supplier might have given a double sided sticker shall be useful to us to fix it. The product noticed as per the pictures & description. Recommend to all to buy.

    Feb 18,2019

  • Dominik
    5 Mini Speaker Beep Buzzer
    Five very small and compact speaker with cables and labeled plug for a great price. Not sure yet, how good the sound is, but it is mostly thought as a tiny buzzer.

    Mar 10,2018

  • Pedro Thalles
    Speaker Mobo
    Bom produto, atende as expectativas, é bom para a placa-mãe e pelo preço 5 em 1.
    Além da entrega rápida, o produto é eficaz
    Frágil, se não tomar cuidado pode quebrar fácil

    Jun 11,2018

  • Fernando Gonzalez
    These are more for crafting as one side is blank and flat but I figured I could glue of the same together for an oval shape

    Oct 17,2018

  • Rick
    Decent five volt beeper
    Decent five volt beeper.

    Don’t know if/where to plug to today’s motherboards to get POST codes (anyone remember those?)

    Dec 22,2019

  • Happytoes
    Run a little smaller than I thought but I'll have fun making them beautiful in some upcoming mosaic project

    Oct 04,2018

  • Michael Knudtson
    Replace the cheap looking string guides with these great looking string guides

    Oct 22,2018

  • Aldin Cutahija
    For the price I can't complain too much, for the price I can't complain too much

    Oct 13,2018

  • Larry Constantine
    A great variety of colors and styles, a great selection of colors and styles

    Oct 05,2018