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  • Marcus
    Good cable which is capable of quick charging my phone (MI Mix 2s). I downloaded a free app 'Ampere' from the play store to see how many amps/volts were going into my phone when on charge. It would seem, when my phone is below 50% battery, this cable is putting upto 3.2 amps and 4.39 volts using a QC3 charger into my phone. I would recommend this cable.

    Apr 19,2019

  • sungoli
    This cable is short and does not get in the way.
    · Weight reduction of luggage is essential when traveling.
    · In such a case this short cable will be saved.
    · I tried charging at the house for smartphone charging, but it was able to charge properly

    Nov 10,2018

  • jav
    magnificent quality, great product, i love this cable, it's very resistent i don´t have any problem with this product, i recommend this purchase
    no tengo queja alguna, honestly this product doesn't have any problem, i have to say it is a great choice to buy in this site about cable!

    Jul 08,2018

  • Matteo
    25CM Nylon Braid Type-C USB Cable
    excellent cable. Perfect to connect phone to audio-car-stereo.
    excellent cable. Perfect to connect phone to audio-car-stereo.
    excellent cable. Perfect to connect phone to audio-car-stereo.

    May 29,2018

  • Giorgio
    BOm para carregar em notebooks e carregadores portáteis, sem a necessidade de ficar andando com um fio enorme para cima e para baixo

    May 10,2018

  • tomas
    good cable
    I think this tipe of cables is pefect for powerbanks... looks like premium quality, fast charging also works...

    Oct 27,2018

  • Carla
    Good quality cable. Suitable for data transfer and for charging. Good value for the price.
    Not able to rapid charge my P10 plus (even connecting to the original Huawei socket charger)

    Feb 14,2018

  • Lucie
    Fast shipping, great price, cable works, it's fast, great product. I love it and I recommended it for everybody, who needs an USB CABLE TYPE - C for your device :-)
    - nothing

    Aug 04,2018

  • sseiya
    Good product
    Strong and tough braided USB-C cable for charging mobile phone. Cable length is also perfect for carried around and use with a powerbank.

    Oct 11,2018

  • bogdan
    type-c cable
    Simple type-c cable for those who need a smaller one( with your powerbank par exemple). They come in a lot of colours and very stylish braided design.

    Oct 30,2018